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Mistress Natasha - Cleans the Teeth
Mistress Natasha - First Trampling
Mistress Natasha - Smoking 2 Cigarettes in a Row
Mistress Natasha - Making Pedicure
Mistress Natasha - Uses Alex as a Human Furniture
Mistress Natasha - Special Jumps
Mistress Natasha - One Day at the Office - Part 1
Mistress Natasha - One Day at the Office - Part 2
Mistress Natasha - One Day at the Office - Part 3
Mistress Natasha - One Day at the Office - Full Movie

Mistress Natasha - The Dark Ages
Mistress Natasha - Oh Sport, You are the World
Mistress Natasha - Good Sport brings Strong Smell
Mistress Natasha - Shoes Seller - Part 1
Mistress Natasha - Shoes Seller - Part 2
Mistress Natasha - Beach Romance
Mistress Natasha - Eat my Toenails
Mistress Natasha - Shaving my Legs
Mistress Natasha - Dirty Boots
Mistress Natasha - Lick my Dirty Boots

Mistress Natasha

Femdom Crew




Mistress Natasha - Trampled by my Dirty Boots
Mistress Natasha - Lick my Sweaty Feet
Mistress Natasha - Lick my Insoles
Mistress Natasha - Lick the Dirty Soles of my Shoes
Mistress Natasha - Trample in Summer Shoes
Merciless Trampling in Black High Heeled Boots
Mistress Natasha - Dirty Black Boots Domination
Mistress Natasha - Barefoot Trampling
Mistress Natasha - Smoking on my slave
Black Angel - Full Movie - Director's Cut
Mrs. Anna - Red Shoes - Foot Fetish
Mrs. Anna - Red Shoes - Trampling and Jumps
Liliana - Trampling
Liliana - Muddy Shoes
Lolly Moon - Foot Worship
Irena - Making Pedicure
Mistress Natalia - How Cold is Outside
Liliana - Foot Fetish
Lolly Moon - Human Furniture
Liliana - Foot Torture



Irena - Smoking 2 Cigarettes in a Row
Mistress Natalia - Office Duties
Liliana - Cushion for all Occasions
Irena - Trampling
Mistress Natasha - Gothic Boots Trampling
Liliana - Cleans the Teeth
Mistress Natasha - Dirty Gothic Boots Licking
Liliana - New Boots
Liliana - Cut her Nails
Mrs. Anna - Trample
Liliana - Spitting
Mrs. Anna - Foot Worship
Liliana - New Trampling
Mrs. Anna - Face Sitting
Liliana - Shoeshine with Polish Cream on Tongue
Liliana - Eats Tangerine
Liliana - Washing Feet
Liliana - Trample after Long Day
Liliana - FaceSitting
Liliana - Sneakers Worship



Liliana - Full Weight Head Sitting
Liliana - Foot Worship
Liliana - FaceSitting in Jeans
Liliana - Face Slapping with the Shoe
Liliana - FaceSitting in Panties
Liliana - Shoes Domination and Foot Worship
Liliana - Smoking
Mistress Natalia - Ice Skates Domination
Liliana - Slave Licking Toenail Polish
Liliana - Trampling in Dirty Flats
Very Muddy Flats and Barefeet Cleaning with Tongue
Liliana - Eats Banana
Liliana - Barefoot and Boot Hand Trample
Liliana - Hand over Mouth Smother
Liliana - Banana Crushing in Dirty Shoes
Liliana - Romantic Rose Destruction
Liliana - Special Facesitting
Liliana - Barefoot Trample
Liliana - Eating Patch from the Feet
Liliana and Svetlana - Cleans the Teeth



Liliana and Svetlana - Tea Ceremony
Liliana and Svetlana - Sits on the slave
Liliana and Svetlana - Trampling
Liliana and Svetlana - Muddy Boots Licking
Mistress Helga - Dirty Boots Worship
Mistress Helga - Muddy Soles of her Boots
Mistress Helga - Trampling and Jumps
Natalia - Damaged Gothic Boots Domination
Mistress Natalia - Trample before go Out
Mistress Natalia - Trampling at the Mirror
Liliana - Toilet Domination
Liliana - Feet Cleaning with Soap on Tongue
Liliana - Boots Cleaning from Mud
Liliana - Cleaning Toenail Polish
Mistress Natalia - Trample in White Flats
Mistress Helga - Face Sitting
Liliana and Slava - Double Dirty Shoes Licking
Valentina - Trampling [retro]
Mrs. Anna - Dirty Boots Licking
Mistress Natalia - Making Pedicure



Alena - Trampling [retro]
Slava - Trampling in Goth Boots
Mistress Helga - Smoking
Lisa - Foot Smelling
Liliana and Slava - Double Trampling
Julia - Face Sitting
Mrs. Anna - Trampling in Wedding Dress
Liliana - Socks Smelling
Mila - Trampling [retro]
Liliana and Vera - Dirty Shoes Licking
Mistress Natalia - Dirty Boots Cleaning with Polish
Slava - Shaving Legs into slave's Mouth
Mistress Helga - Human Furniture and Foot Worship
Lisa - Trampling
Liliana and Slava - Double Feet Smelling
Julia - Smoking
Nasti and Yana - Trampling and Spitting [retro]
Liliana and Vera - Face Sitting
Mrs. Anna - Cleaning the Teeth
Mistress Natalia - Barefoot Trampling



Slava - Trampling in Wedge Shoes
Mistress Helga - Human Ashtray
Lisa - Cleans the Teeth
Liliana and Slava - Double Face Sitting
Julia - Trampling in Flats
Liliana and Vera - Hand Trample
Sveta - Merciless Kicks [retro]
Mrs. Anna - Wedding Shoes and Foot Worship
Mistress Natalia - Human Furniture
Slava - Swallow My Nails
Mistress Helga - Dirty Boots Licking
Lisa - Rose Destruction
Liliana and Slava - Double Shoes Worship
Julia - Winter Boots Licking
Kira - Boot Worship [retro]
Liliana and Vera - Smoking
Mrs. Anna - slave Eats Dirt from my Broom
Mistress Natalia - Trample with Umbrella
Slava - Red or Black
Mistress Helga - Cleans the Teeth



Lisa - Feet and Boots Licking
Liliana and Slava - Double Hands Trampling
Julia - Human Ashtray
Liliana and Vera - Cleans the Teeth
Valentina - Shoe Domination [retro]
Mrs. Anna - Ballbusting
Mistress Natalia - High Heels Worship
Slava - Human Ashtray
Mistress Helga - Barefoot Trampling
Lisa - Facesitting in Jeans
Liliana and Slava - Trash Bin for Girls
Julia - Foot Licking
Alena - Flats Worship [retro]
Liliana - Heavy Trampling
Mrs. Anna - Dirty Keds Licking
Mistress Natalia - Trampled under Keyboard Player
Slava - Mud Eating from Shoes
Mistress Helga - Ass Domination
Lisa - Dirty Shoes Licking
Liliana and Slava - Double Trampling in Stockings



Mila - Lady in Red [retro]
Julia - Human Furniture
Liliana - Really Dirty Boots Licking
Mrs. Anna - Boots Worship
Mistress Natalia - New Boots Trampling
Slava - Face Slapping with Shoe
Mistress Helga - Shoes and Feet Licking
Lisa - Trampling without Rest
Liliana and Slava - Double Feet Washing
Julia - Dirty Flats Licking
Nasti and Yana - Two Crazy Girls [retro]
Liliana - Facesitting in Black Thick Pantyhose
Mrs. Anna and Roxy - Double Barefoot Trampling
Mistress Natalia - 5 Open Toe Shoes Collection
Slava - Smoking a Cigarette
Mistress Helga - Hand over Mouth Smother
Lisa - slave Licking Cement Dust
Liliana and Slava - Double Teeth Brushing
Sveta - Trampling [retro]
Julia - Shoes Worship



Liliana - Foot Play
Mrs. Anna & Roxy - Double Boots and Shoes Licking
Mistress Natalia - Trampling while Making Coffee
Slava - Super Dirty Boots Licking
Mistress Helga - slave Licking Toenail Polish
Lisa - Breath Control
Kira - Trampling [retro]
Liliana and Svetlana - Human Ashtray
Erika Korti - Head Sitting and Smoking
Liliana - Dirt and Ice Cream
Mrs. Anna and Roxy - Double Hand Trampling
Mistress Natalia - Trampled Under the Stairs
Slava - Wedge Shoes Licking
Mistress Helga - Tramples on Sofa
Lisa - Tramples in Black Flats and Barefoot
Liliana and Slava - All Day Smoking
Lena - Dirty Boots Kissing [retro]
Erika Korti - Frozen
Liliana - Ice Skates Domination
Mrs. Anna and Roxy - Double Face Sitting



Mistress Natalia - Semi-Public Trample
Slava - Trampling and Jumps in Black Stockings
Mistress Helga - Shoes and Socks Licking
Lisa - Extreme Trampling
Masha - Shoes and Feet Licking [retro]
Liliana and Slava - Double Muddy Boots Licking
Erika Korti - Fitness Trampling
Liliana - Shaving Legs into slave's Mouth
Mrs. Anna and Roxy - Double Dirty Boots Licking
Mistress Natalia - Ignore under the Table
Slava - Wedge Shoes Domination
Sofia - Dirty Shoes Licking
Alla - Hard Kicks [retro]
Lisa - slave Swallows a Cigarette-Butt
Liliana and Slava - Double Wax Candles
Erika Korti and Helga - Double Trampling Girlfriends
Liliana - Big Ass Facesitting
Roxy - Strong Smell after Long Flight
Mistress Natalia - Trampling after Gothic Party
Slava - Smoking Again



Yulenka - SnowSlave
Lisa - Ice Skates Trampling
Yulia - First Facesitting [retro]
Liliana and Slava - Double Shoes Domination
Erika Korti - Dirty Shoes Licking
Liliana - slave Eating Nails
Triple Domination - Crazy Fetishist Dreams
Mistress Natalia - Summer Trampling
Slava - Tramples her Carpet slave
Sandra - Barefoot Trampling
Sveta - High Heels Trampling [retro]
Lisa - Bondaged Human Furniture
Liliana and Slava - Foot Worship at Public Toilet
Erika and Helga - Double Cigarette-Butt Swallowing
Liliana - Trampling Again
Roxy - Trampling after Flight
Mistress Natalia - Trampling after Jog
Slava - Brutal Hand Tramplin
Amazon Lena - Spitting [retro]
Lexa - Human Carpet for Pleasure



Lisa - Cruel Kicks
Liliana and Vera - Double Heavy Trampling
Erika Korti - Human Trash Bin
Liliana - Disgusting Street Boots Licking
Triple Domination - Another Crazy Fetishist Dream
Mistress Natalia - Muddy Feet
Slava - Eat Banana from My Dirty Boots
Sofia - Brutal Hand Trampling in Wedge Boots
Lena - Trampling in Dirty Boots [retro]
Lisa - Dirty Winter Boots Licking
Yulenka - TipToe Extreme Trampling
Erika Korti and Mistress Helga - Double Dirty Shoes
Liliana - Foot Worship and Face Sitting
Liliana - Snow Boot Worship
Roxy - Shaving before Flight
Mistress Natalia - Extreme High Heels Trampling
Slava - MakeUp and Smoking
Masha - Shoes Worship [retro]
Sandra - Dirty Street Boots Licking
Lisa - Trampling, FaceStanding and Jumps






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